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Recovered time

After our previous editorial in which we had already summoned him, this new nod to Marcel Proust obviously has no connection with his work in the lines that follow, but we thought it amusing to draw a certain parallel with the return to business of the world of professional platforms after the Covid tsunami, in this so complex world that everyone can only observe, wherever they are, wherever they live, whatever their activity. However, we all know that some sectors are more sensitive than others to the convulsions of modern society. Trade shows are obviously at the forefront.

spoga+gafa 2024
The only ones in the world

Spoga+Gafa 2024

If there is a trade show that we can say has no equivalent in the world, it is the spoga+gafa. En effet nulle part ailleurs se trouve un telle offre et ceci en fait un rendez vous incontournable.

MIFF 2024

The art of synthesis

En franchissant le cap symbolique des trente ans, le Salon MIFF  a montré qu’il avait atteint une formidable maturité. Au delà  de chiffres et statistiques remarquables, cette édition 2024 a clairement démontré  que les années ont permis  de proposer un événement qui a su établir un lien entre toutes les cultures dans l’univers du meuble et de la décoration.

MIFF 2024

Guanghzou International
Lighting Exhibition
On the road to records

Guanghzou International Lighting Exhibition

True to its reputation, China is the country of excess and proves it in the field of trade shows, particularly with the Guanghzou International Lighting Exhibition.

Salon Maison et objet  hiver 2024


Nothing dampened the enthusiasm of visitors to the show, not even the snow or the cold which fell on the Paris region. The annual high mass of interior design and decoration in the broadest sense of the term has once again lit up the aisles of the Villepinte exhibition center for its winter 2024 edition...

Maison Objet 2024

MIFF 2024 exhibition
Always higher, always stronger

In a few weeks, more precisely from March 1st to 4th, the MIFF show aura franchi un cap symbolique. En effet celui ci va connaître sa trentième édition.

Malaysia International Furniture Fair 2023
Retromobile 2024

Retromobile 2024 Les protecteurs de l’héritage

In a few weeks and more precisely from January 31 to February 4, 2024, Porte de Versailles will be held, Retromobile le grand rendez vous de la voiture ancienne.

Winter fairs Frankfurt

Let the festivities begin

As soon as the end-of-year celebration lanterns have been extinguished, Frankfurt is preparing for other celebrations, not least since the famous winter trade fairs will be held during the month of January.

Messe Francfort
IMM Cologne

IMM Cologne 2024

Back to the top

Let it be said if there was still a need, the IMM show is one of the very heavyweights in the world of global shows dedicated to furniture and interior decoration. It is even fair to say that he is one of the leaders.

Taiwan Hardware Show 2023
Stronger than ever

In these terrible times shaking the world, Taiwan is considered a potential hotspot. When we arrived in the capital Taipei, we expected to find a tension at least as high as that which has reigned in Europe since the terrible attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists.

Taiwan 2023 Entree

Intertextile Shanghai 2023
Autumn Edition

Oriental mysteries

We went there on the occasion of the Intertextile show in Shanghai one of the flagship events organized by Messe Frankfurt in the Asia Pacific region…

Intertextile Shanghai 2023
Gile Gungzhou 2023

Guangzhou GILE Fair

As in the best days

If there is one event that will have marked the year of trade fairs, it is the GILE, an acronym for Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and this for a very simple reason. Indeed, this one was held in China, and that alone justified all the curiosities, questions that nothing and no one could escape.

Interzum 2023

Eternal Interzum

This is what we can call a return to business with a bang. The 2023 edition of Interzum trade fairs which was held from May 9 to 12 in the famous exhibition center of the city of Cologne recorded scores beyond all expectations during the three days of the fair. But is it any wonder?

MIFF 2023

Fortune favors the brave

The return of MIFF show took place, less than a year ago, since it was in July 2022 that the salon reopened its doors after two years of closure. Yet you had to dare to embark on such an adventure.

MIFF Malysia 2023

Maison et Objet
The taste of beauty

Almost everything has been said about the Home and Object phenomenon, a real UFO in the world of trade shows. Barely affected by the Covid, due to a calendar which almost allowed it to pass between the drops of the disasters experienced by the major international meetings...

Maison et Objet 2022
Heimtextil 2023

Trade fairs Heimtextil, Ambiente, Christmasworld, Creative World
Winter at the shows

After such a long absence, we had almost forgotten the power of the famous winter fairs in Frankfurt. These were well remembered by our good memories by signing first-rate performances…

Malaysia International Furniture Fair

Top speed

It happened in 2022, so near, so far. In these times of great uncertainty, Informa, the organizer of the MIFF show, had decided to relaunch the event, when the world was barely recovering from a pandemic which had been playing yo-yo since 2020.

Malaysia International Furniture Fair 2023

Esprit Meuble 2022

Small trade show turned big

Who would've believed that ? While during the previous decade, the Paris furniture fair, out of breath, was absorbed in the Maison & Objet movement under the name Meuble Paris, no one gave much so that one day France would once again become a place totally dedicated to the sector.

Esprit meuble 2022 6 Trade Shows Mag
Light et building 2022

Light and Building 2022,
Under an air of general mobilization

So here we are again in this month of October, an appointment whose subject has become a major issue for the future of the world. Indeed, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict shows us how much there is an essential energy in our daily life.

Taïwan Hardware Show 2022
Taiwan, The indomitable

Unknown to the general public or almost until the Covid crisis, the island of Taiwan is increasingly in the headlines for various reasons. The main one is obviously this threat of military invasion of mainland China…

Taïwan Hardware Show 2022

Eisenwarenmesse in commando mode

After suffering two years of disappearance from the radar screens of the world of trade shows, Eisenwarenmesse one of the finest jewels in the portfolio Koelnmesse, has just made its big comeback on the international scene. Like all the other appointments of the Rhenish organizer, this one did not come out of these dark years completely intact.

Eisenwarenmesse 2022

Maison et Objet, the magic bazaar

5 days of happiness in the world of decoration, elegance, pleasure of the senses, such is the menu that the organizers of this back-to-school edition of the show have proposed to us. Maison et Objet. These moments are all the more welcome as the time does not lend itself to frank laughter. After the dark years of the Covid, here is the world under the noise of boots on the side of Eastern Europe...

Maison et objet

IFA, green flag
on High Tech

Who says IFA who Hi Tech and this postulate, no one can dispute it. This exceptional show in many respects is the rendezvous of the present and especially of the future. It is therefore to a veritable symphony of technologies present today and tomorrow in our daily lives to which the Berlin meeting invited us...

IFA 2022

Ambiente, here comes the heavy artillery again

It's going to heat up on the Frankfurt side from February 3 to 7 with the big return of the Star Show Ambiente, champion of all categories of fairs dedicated to consumer goods. And he will not be alone, since he will be accompanied by two muscular bodyguards since they will be the above-named Creative World and above all the inimitable Christmasworld. No doubt the mixture will be tasty, and it's a safe bet that we will find the crowd of the big days in the gigantic exhibition center of the city.

ambiente christmasworld creativeworld fairground

Spoga+gafa 2022 the eternal return

If there is a show awaited with hope for some, skepticism and doubts for others, it is the spoga+gafa which was making its big comeback after two years of absolute scarcity due to a schedule that forced the Koelnmesse teams to comply with the restrictions imposed by the Covid epidemic. It is therefore with great curiosity that this particular edition in many respects has been observed...

Spoga+gafa 2022 l’éternel retour

Heimtextil 2023, In sustainable mode

Heimtextil 2023

After the July interlude, the Heimtextil salon is finally back in business. This one will be held from January 10 to 13, 2023, thus finding its usual dates in the calendar of appointments intended for consumer goods, of which it will mark the opening.

Taiwan Hardware Show

Taipei – Taiwan
October 19 to 21, 2023
Metal and Hardware Fair.

Hong Kong
International Lighting Fair

Hong Kong–China
October 27 to 30, 2023
Lighting Fair.

Messe Frankfurt is off to a strong start

If there are shows that have been strongly impacted by the pandemic, it is those of Frankfurt. The curtain fell more than two years ago on the large German group, ranked second in the world for the organizers of professional trade fairs, many of which are dedicated to the layout and decoration of the house with behemoths like Ambiente. , and its 5,000 exhibitors, Heimtextil dedicated to household linen in all its forms, Christmasworld who tells Christmas with so much talent, Light and building leader in all categories of the sector lighting, or ISH.

Messe Francfort
Taïwan Hardware Show et International Metal Technology

Hopes and questions

Taiwan Hardware Show and International Metal Technology

For more than two years the tradeshow the most efficient in the field of tools, DIY and its derivatives, which was held at Taïwan in October suffers the relentless lockdown of its border due to the Covid which continues to plague, even if the daily cases seem to be easing. What about October? Very clever who can predict what the situation will be. The virus therefore remains the essential question mark for a booming show which has not been able to welcome any visitors for almost three years.

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